Dun Emer press imprint was revived in 2008. One hundred years after it was closed by down by W.B. Yeats.Included in this history is a note on Cuala Press that was set up by Yeats after Dun Emers demise, in 1909.

The Dun Emer Press (1902–1908)

was an Irish private press founded in 1902 by Elizabeth Yeats and her brother William Butler Yeats, part of the Celtic Revival. It was named after the legendary Emer and evolved into the Cuala Press.

In 1902, Elizabeth and her sister Lily Yeats joined Evelyn Gleeson in establishing a craft studio at Dundrum, near Dublin, called Dun Emer. This specialized in printing and other crafts, with Elizabeth Yeats in charge of the printing press. While living in London, Elizabeth Yeats had been part of the circle of William Morris, and had been inspired by his printing work. Gleeson offered the Yeats sisters her large house in Dundrum, in which a crafts group providing training and work for young women, in the fields of bookbinding, printing, weaving, and embroidery, could live and work. Bookbinding workshops were a later addition to the studio.